This site is undergoing a complete rebuild taking on a consistent look with our new blog. The site itself will remain essentially the same with the exception of added content thanks the the members of ZCFU and since Zynga forum staff have decided the site is no longer in compliance (even though it never changed) with their ridiculous Rules of Conduct and therefore no longer on the approved list, we've added some extra useful content such as links to external sites.

We really hope you check back regularly to see what we have in store for you. As with all hobby projects this one takes a backseat to real life obligations but with the added help of the ZCFU members I hope to get everything up and running in short order! For the time being this is the only page that will be available while the database and other pages are rebuilt to fit the new format. After the loot lists go live we'll start working on the guide sections! Stay tuned, our guides are far more comprehensive and easier to understand compared to the crap being posted in the official Training Grounds now. Guide writers you've come to know and love like Hazeld and Fixer are on board as are others!